March 21, 2011

Hi everyone. Our first chat tonight was a great experience. Our topic was Brain Breaks. As we were winding down, I tweeted that we need a group on Diigo to share our bookmarks. At the conclusion of the chat I set it up. Unfortunately you can't use a # when selecting the group name but our group can be found here. Please join the group and add your bookmarks to our group. If you need to learn more about Diigo there are lots of videos on YouTube that will help you learn how to use Diigo. Just enter Diigo in the search bar on YouTube.

April 1 - Brain Breaks
Hi everybody! During our chat last week, we were talking about Brain Breaks, and we also got onto the topic of working in teams. I shared a school JAM that we did as a faculty and with our students, and I've also done it with campers at a camp over the summer. You can do a JAM as a one day or half day activity to work on building teamwork, or you can pick out the individual activities and use them as stand alone activities to build teamwork. I'm uploading as a word document because I hope you'll all take it and change it to make it best fit your students. Please let me know if you have any questions. I would love to share more about it! :) Becky (@becky7274)

May 7 - Smackdown Resources

I took the resources shared during the #4thchat Smackdown and put them on a Word doc with links. You could send hours checking out all of these resources. Paula (@plnaugle)