Hi to all our #4thchat tweeps. We decided to add this page to our wiki where we can gather great ideas for classroom design after we had such great resources being shared during the August 1, 2011 chat on this topic. Feel free to share a link where we can get some great ideas. Leave a picture of your classroom to inspire others.

Need some inspiration as you get ready to set up your classroom this year. Well here are some ideas to get you started. Please add any thing you discover that might help others.

I shared these during the chat: (@plnaugle)
Do a YouTube search for classroom tour. You can even filter the search down by searching for "4th grade classroom tour".
Do a Google image search for classroom design and see what inspires you.
Do a Google image search for classroom floorplan to get some ideas about furniture arrangement.

Maybe you shouldn't have every inch of your class decorated if you want a classroom that is calm and peaceful (maybe the kids will be too.) Try a feng shui approach to designing your classroom.

Alternatives to regular classroom seating - stand up desks with foot swing.
Some classrooms are using exercise balls as chairs.

Spaces and Places By Debbie Diller
-> great pictures of many classrooms, how to organize for literacy centers, lots of great ideas!

Read how fourth grade teacher Brad Wilson was inspired by #4thchat to redesign his classroom in his post "Summer Classroom Makeover".

Tools to help you with class furniture arrangement Classroom Architect and Scholastic Class Set-Up Tool.