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What is #4thchat?It's a hashtag teachers or anyone else can use in Twitter to talk about educational issues specific to 4th grade.
What will be the purpose of #4thchat?
Using #4thchat will create a network of 4th grade teachers or teachers working with 9-10 year olds across the world.

Who can participate?
We welcome anyone who....
1. teaches 4th grade 2 .Works with 4th grade students and or 4th grade teachers 3. Likes 4th grade teachers (Groupies are encouraged)

Are new teachers or student teachers of 4th grade welcome?
Most certainly......YES! If I was in my first teacher years again I would have loved to have this resource to lean upon. #4thchat will be a great way to find teachers who you could follow or ask questions that could be answered by others outside your school walls.

When does #4thchat meet?
Every Monday 8ET/7CT. If you have a topic of interest please send it to @plnaugle

How does it work?
1. Log onto Twitter
2. Use the #4thchat hashtag on all of your tweets.
3. Join in the conversation / add input/ ask questions.
4. Check out a list of upcoming topics and make suggestions for new ones.

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