Classroom Designs:

Please use this page to leave pictures of your classroom design. Take pictures of some of the things you mentioned in #4thchat or new ideas you are using this year.

(@saraallen91) Here's one of the reading spaces in my new 5th grade classroom. I love to have lots of seating options: moon chair, camping chair, crate seats, beach chairs, large pillows, etc. Side note about the mini crate seat: I just bought a locker crate from Wal-Mart (around $3-4), and I bought an orange toilet lid cover (about $5) to place on top of it.
(@saraallen91) Here's another reading space in my classroom that will eventally have a big plant in the front left corner (waiting til the school year gets closer, so it doesn't rely on me for watering). In this reading space, there are two crate seats (one miniature, one regular), a moon chair, and a body pillow I shaped into a chair.
(@saraallen91) Here's the third reading space in my classroom. In addition to the crate seat and beach chair, it also has a sea turtle (my favorite 13th bday gift), a lounge pillow, and the famous lamp my students always use for the student with a birthday to "blow out the candles."